Hoof Boots Galore!

I thought Horse Hoof Boots were a one-off phenomenon. How wrong I was! There are more! Several more!

You could have these:

Horseshoes by Iris Schieferstein. Photo courtesy of the Virtual Shoe Museum.










Or a practical pair of these:

Horseshoes by Iris Schieferstein. Photo courtesy of the Virtual Shoe Museum.












You could go with an entirely different species, the Goat Hoof Boot:

Hoof Heels by Roxanne Jackson. Photo courtesy of the Virtual Shoe Museum.









Or, you could have these, the pièce de résistance: street cred AND excellent toe protection in one furry foot.

Vegas Girl by Iris Schieferstein. Photo courtesy of the Virtual Shoe Museum.









I hate to say it, but these are actually starting to grow on me:

Horse Shoes by Iris Schieferstein. Photo courtesy of the Virtual Shoe Museum.


  1. Dianna says:

    This is so wrong. What is wrong your minds people…. You are sick.

  2. jan s says:

    just disgusting!!!!!

  3. staci-lee says:


  4. Kim Johnston says:

    This is disgusting and makes me want to throw up. It is really fucked up someone is actually making these. It’s even more fucked up that some idiot might even buy them. This is a sign we are all going to hell in hand basket.

  5. Laurie says:

    There are some sick individuals out there! Who’s the douche bag that would think this atrocity up and where do they get their product, the local horse slaughterhouse?? If this is fashion, fashion has lost it’s f’ing mind! Seriously, how is this a good look? Do you feel good standing on something that was a horses foot?

  6. Lori says:

    Who in their right mind would EVER be WILLING to wear something so UGLY and disgusting as this???? I see cruelty in one of it’s truest forms and to make boots out of the feet and legs of these animals???? Get your heads examined!!!

  7. John says:

    absolutely disgusting. total exploitation–this is awful.

  8. Marjorie Farabee says:

    Are you kidding me? This is sick. I hope the animals that these belonged to haunt your dreams, and meet you at the great cross over. They’ll be waving to you as you enter Hell.

  9. erin thomas says:

    This is sick…I have no other words for this then Sickening…I will share this world wide and you SUCK!!!!!

  10. Human Outwear says:

    I think you should start selling a line of human parts outwear for freaks like you who would wear this obscene and disgusting, “phenomenon”. Go wear your dog,, stop killing animals for fun.

  11. Lorianne says:

    Oh.. my god. that’s the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE. You’d have to be a really twisted person to want to kill an animal so you could impersonate it. *shudders*

  12. Meghan S. says:

    This is disgusting! These “hoofs” belong on HORSES, not women!

  13. earthactivist says:

    What the h*ll are you thinking? This is just as bad as Seal fur coat or chinchilla coats or eating a cat or dog or alligator. Tell you what you want originality, make faux human feet for shoes. I am sure that their are people out there who would love to have bigger feat or better looking feet.

  14. Paul Hester says:

    Are you kidding> This is insane people! Stop using animals to enhance yourselves. these hoofs belong on horses not you vile and vain people! Paul Hester

  15. earthactivist says:

    Correction on my spelling * there and * feet.

  16. Cathy Wilde says:

    These are hooves and legs from ANIMALS – are you sick or what???????

  17. Carley Sparks says:

    Thank you for your comments, random group of outraged citizens (?!). You all seem to be of like mind. Or, I suspect, the same mind. Let me respond to your concerns.

    First and foremost, you know I don’t make the boots, right? I’m just clarifying that because the part about hoofless animals waving to me as I enter Hell suggests that this is my handiwork. Frankly, I’m not nearly that skilled or crafty.

    Two, I’ve since discovered that the shoes are in fact works art. Roxanne Jackson (www.roxannejackson.com) created the goat hoof boots and Dutch artist Iris Schieferstein (www.iris-schieferstein.de) the other three pairs. Only the last pair, Horse Shoes, were created for commercial purposes; a charity fundraiser at the Cheltenham Festival.

    Two(b), the shoes are meant to be grotesque and to make you feel unsettled. (Success!) As The Virtual Shoe Museum explains:

    “Jackson’s precisely molded and glistening glazed forms are both beautiful and grotesque, and ask us to consider how animal instincts can live within human nature. And in doing so, she presents an interesting paradox, such as that noted by Simon Critchley: ‘There is something charming about an animal becoming human [but] when the human becomes animal, then the effect is disgusting.’ For her, ‘These images provoke a psychological simile between animal and human, instinct and reason, the subconscious and the conscious.’”

    – Excerpt from “We Believe in Something.” 
By Christopher Atkins, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MAEP Coordinator.

    Three, some of the shoes are in fact made of real hooves; some are convincing fakes. And yes, it is highly likely that the real ones came from a slaughterhouse, which I’d say is a good thing. As macabre as the art may be, I think turning a waste product into a functional piece of art is a whole lot more respectful to the animal than leaving it to rot in the compost heap. But that’s just me.

    Finally, to Erin Thomas who said “I will share this world wide and you SUCK!!!!!” Please do! The site can use as much traffic as it can get. And I’ll likely have a new post on more hoof boots coming out soon. Peace.

    • Jedi44 says:

      First off thank you Carley for going into more detail about this.
      Now that being said I still feel uneasy about it and I don’t feel right about it. Every fiber in my body says, although the artist is trying to make a point it still promotes the killing of wild animals. Some horses like Prezwelski’s Horse and soon to be Mustangs if BLM keeps it up will go extinct. How does her Paradox help those animals or bring awareness to the species that are endangered. For example what these artists are doing makes me want to replace horse with Tiger. Can you imagine if this was a tiger instead of horse like if the tiger hairs were real and the claws fake, or even some claws real. What is the difference? There are endangered horse species…

      The horses killed for slaughter are usually some ones pet. I can’t fathom how anyone would be ok looking at shoes made from some ones pet. Horses are not raised like cows they are not raised for slaughter; at least not here in the U.S.A.

      This is just my opinion and thank you for bringing awareness to this.

      • Carley Sparks says:

        You’re right, her paradox does NOT bring awareness to the Prezwelski’s Horse. Because it’s not an exhibit about endangered animals. Nor is there any evidence that she used any endangered animals, or that she used more than 1 horse for that matter. It was an art exhibit not a massed produced shoe line. (For the record, the Horse Shoes sold in Cheltenham were man made).

        As for the slaughter issue. I can’t fathom how a horse owner would let their pet be sent to an abattoir. Isn’t that really the issue? I don’t think you can put the onus for the ongoing problem of unwanted horses on two artists who may or may not have ever owned one. That one lies firmly with irresponsible horse owners.

        I’m not sure how this post got interpreted as an endorsement for hoof boots or horse slaughter. It was a sarcastic piece about tacky art. End of story.

  18. Janet S says:

    When I see these adornments I am reminded of the decadence this humanity has enamored itself with. Just as grotesque as a serial killer wearing the skin of its human victims, adorned with tatooes and jewels. What evil rests in the minds of those wo fail to feel the suffering of the animals who excruciating death allowed the harvest of its feel and ankles to be paraded without respect. The animal died in anonymity and is now mocked in fashion as a “statement”. Go back to school girl.

  19. Jay says:

    I love how everyone is so outraged as if they actually know how these boots came about. Were the animals dead already? Nobody here knows, but they like to think they do. What if they cut the hooves off after the animal is euthanized and before their carcass is sent to the rendering plant to be turned into products everyone uses everyday?

    I assume most of you aren’t aware that MILLIONS of kittens and puppies are killed every single year because nobody buys them from the mills. Otherwise, this boot issue would seem incredibly trivial by comparison. I’d be more concerned about that than about a few pairs of boots made from animals that were likely already dead.

    • Rose says:

      I agree with you. People are freaking out about this, yet so many animals are raised and killed to be eaten every day; but that’s acceptable. I tend to think that these boots came from one of the many animals slaughtered daily for “normal reasons”. I doubt someone raised a horse with a pair of boots in mind. The concept is kind of interesting (not that I personally would want to wear something like that) if they were artificial, but wearing an actual animal hoof is pretty gross. But then, there’s not much difference between that and a pair of leather boots if you think about it.

  20. Tyler says:

    hey all of you can go fly a kite. these are great pieces of work as art and clothing.not everyone is a tree hugging pot smoking veggie eating hippie with an unlimited starbucks gift card. for all you know they didnt kill the horses, or they found “retired horses” on their death bed waiting for the donated legs. so this was a great find on the authors behalf. i plan on actually getting a pair if i had the money. so if anyone objects to my opinion i know who needs a can of green paint splashed on them for eating all the vegitables in the world, because my burger needs iceburg.