5 Family Bathroom Organisation Tips

Family bathrooms are often a chaotic combination of grooming materials, soaps and abandoned clothes that usually looks like a hurricane has ripped through it each morning. A bathroom should be a tranquil, relaxing space that can be used to de-stress after a long day. Achieving the ideal bathroom sanctuary is easier than you think and can be done with just a little organisational help!

If you’re tired of sorting through piles of clutter on a regular basis, here are 5 really useful organisation tips for family bathrooms.

  • Throw away the old. The easiest way to de-clutter your bathroom is by throwing away all of the accumulated products that have collected there. Half-used shower gel bottles and empty shampoo bottles can all be binned to give you the extra room you need. Instead of having half-full bottles and unopened products littering every surface, set aside a dedicated area to store new products and throw away out of date or disused items.
  • Introduce some storage. Once you have streamlined your bathroom products organise them into storage systems. No matter what size your bathroom is, there are various storage options available to fit. Choosing bathroom storage furniture that has multiple uses, such as a mirrored cabinet will help you save even more space.
  • Develop a sorting system. Having a sorting system will make it easier to find items within the bathroom and also return them to their places once used. Find a simple system that works for you and your family such as colour coding or giving each family member their own storage space.

Remember to make the storage appropriate for all family members, so if you have smaller children think about giving them storage space that they can easily access whilst storing potentially dangerous or harmful items out of their reach at the same time.

  • Implement a schedule. Bathrooms can quickly become disorganised when people are rushing in and out. Implement a bathroom schedule for morning and afternoon use of the bathroom, giving priority to those who need to leave the house earlier than others. Not only will a schedule help to keep the bathroom tidy it will also lessen the regular arguments about whose turn it is!
  • Keep laundry out of the bathroom. One of the biggest contributors towards a messy and cluttered bathroom is an overflowing laundry basket stuffed into the corner. Keep laundry baskets in each bedroom and encourage your family to use those instead of leaving their clothes in the bathroom.

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