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Complete Guide About Roof Painting and Easy Tips

A stylish and well-maintained house always makes you feel proud right from within. When it comes about the exterior of the house, the most underrated part is the roof. We often forget that it also requires maintenance and decoration. The roof can be regarded as a massive surface area that can make or break the entire aesthetic look of your dream house. Here, an expert based complete guide of roof painting has been shared along with important tips. Let’s check it out –

Complete Guide –

  • Things you need for roof painting

First you need to make a list of the things you need to do sophisticated roof painting such as Ladder, roller, quality based garden hose (it should be long enough to use all corners of roof), soft bristle broom for dusting, cleaner/chlorine (bleach to remove fungi and mould in case if there is any),and any other that you find essential during roof painting.

  • Roof and its type

You should hire a professional service if you do not have enough time to do or want everything gets done sophisticatedly. But if you are going for DIY, check first what sort of your roof type you are having. There is much such Corrugated iron roof, Tiled Roof and Flat Roof and they all need different maintenance. Corrugated iron roof tends to get repainted easily but they tend to rust. Before painting flat roof, you need to make sure that is not water leakage since they often start leaking due to lack of proper maintenance. If your dream home is having tiled roof then make sure prior to roof pain that they are not either cracked or broken.

  • How to do the cleaning of roof

You cannot directly go ahead to paint roof without its cleaning or repairing. To churn out best results, it needs that roof’s surface should be completely cleaned. High-pressure washer, broom, scrubbing, and those are the best ways to get roof surface free from dust and rust. Though this is the trickiest task to do, it is essential as well. Without accomplishing this, roof painting process cannot be preceded. Make sure that there are no flaky or loose pieces of old roof paint all across the roof surface otherwise it would not let painting get done in the way it should. After cleaning, let the surface dry completely.

  • Check the surface temperature and weather forecast

First, do check the weather report that there is no rain/storm forecasted as it can badly affect the freshly done roof painting. Moreover, you also need to check that roof surface is not too cold or hot before applying paint. It should be at an ideal temperature such as 8hoo in summer while it should be 10h00 in winter.

  • Choose the right paint  

In case, you are confused about choosing the right paint then you may take experts’ advice letting them know the roof type you have. At the time of choosing roof paint, go with one coming up with UV resistant feature if your home in a coastal area. Buy enough paint examining the area of your roof so that you do not have to rush to shop if it needs to apply one more coat to get the desired finishing.

According to the experts, a roof (of any type) needs to be repainted in every 5 years. Once you are done with all the above points, your roof is all set to get painted. Do use brushes or rolled if you have a metal roof type. Make sure you are going to choose a find and clear day. Paint the food from the top down.