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Easy Maintenance Tips For Solar PV Panels

Houses with solar energy systems are becoming frequent nowadays considering the importance of sustainable living. And one of the big advantages of solar PV panels is that it requires very less maintenance. It has got no moving parts and all the installations undergo very little degradation over time. One can expect the life expectancy of a solar panel to go a long way with the technologies they are being made. But few maintenance tips must be followed to keep the panels in good condition for a longer time and save it from any sort of damage.

Here is a list of basic solar maintenance tips.

Do Inspection

You need to inspect your solar PV panels regularly or at least thrice a week to see if there are any vulnerable spots that need attention. You can inspect from the ground level. But it is always advisable to do so from your roof. You need to see if dust, dirt, pollen build-up or tree materials are making your PV panel lose power. Dirt, dust and bird droppings are the things that one must check. Over time these can accumulate and cover your panel, blocking the solar heat. Therefore you must clean and check the panels every now and then to keep it clear completely.

Cleaning PV Panels

Mostly rainwater cleans the panels saving you from the hassle. But rain is not frequent and not especially for regions that experience less amount of rainfall. If your solar panels have accumulated too much dirt and dust that coats the surface of the panel, then it is high time you clean it with plain water. You can use hose spray to wash off the dirt coating.

Also, you may prefer the commercial solar panel cleaning agents. But make sure that you use only mild things as any abrasive cleaner may scratch the glass, reducing the light to enter the solar cells. Try to avoid detergents cleaners as well. And always use a soft cloth to wipe the water residue from the surface of the panels. One of the best ways is to opt for professional solar PV panels cleaning service for solar maintenance.

Sunlight And Shade

Your solar panels will only work great if it is exposed in the sunlight directly for as many as possible. So while you install panels make sure you get the right location. Also, consider all the problems that may arise in future like the growth of the tree around your house or any new building construction that might block the direct sun rays. Take the guidance of a professional solar panel installer to know the best angle and location to place the solar panels.

Check The Readings

Keep an eye on the reading throughout the week. Note any changes or dips in power production. If you find that in a clear sky your system is producing less energy than it needs attention.

Finally, it can be said that after you install solar panels, you need to make sure that it runs well without a trouble. Contact experienced solar panel maintenance service providers today. Let’s spread green living everywhere.