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Gardening Tips For People Who Don’t Have Green Thumbs

Many people like to believe that gardening is a time-consuming and complicated activity that only people with green thumb would enjoy. However, the truth is, almost anyone may find gardening and landscaping a fun and relaxing hobby. You don’t have to be a professional gardener to be able to come up with beautiful and tranquil garden, as long as you can devote your time and effort into it, you will do great.

If you are new to gardening, there are several things you need to wrap your mind into. First, you should know that gardening is not only about watering your plants and keeping them away from pests and weeds. In order to maximize the full potentials of your garden, you might want to consider these helpful and simple tips:

  1. Make your plant pots and boxes lighter – If you plant does not need too much soil then it is advisable to make its pot or box lighter. Heavy pots and boxes are naturally harder to lift, and they become an extra chore if you find the need to relocate them from time to time. This is recommended to make them a little lighter by removing the bottom one-third to one-half of the pot’s or box’s soil and replace it with packing peanuts. This will make your plant pots and boxes much lighter and easier to lift.

  1. Protect your fragile plants from aggressive ones – Don’t let your aggressive plants deprive your other plants with nutrients. Make sure to restrict your aggressive plants (if you have any) in order for their roots not to crowd your garden bed. You may do this by placing them in a plastic pot and bury them into the soil. This will prevent their roots from overcrowding your garden bed, protecting your other plants.

  1. Keep your flower buds safe from insects – If you have flower buds that always fall victim to insects, fret not because you can solve that problem with a simple trick. Place netting over the flower beds and leave it there. When the spring season comes, it is time to remove the net, or you may also keep there but cut holes in the cloth in order to facilitate growth of your flowers.

  1. Make your garden shovel non-stick – Using an ordinary shovel for your garden may be a bit annoying as bunch of soil may get stuck on it. In order to prevent this, make yourself a non-stick shovel. Buy a silicone or Teflon lubricant and spray it on your garden shovel. This will make soil digging much easier and stress-free.

  1. Install roofs in specific areas of your garden – While garden should have open air, it is also recommended to have shaded areas in it. There are many roofing services Manchester that provide expert assistance in installing and setting up shaded areas for gardens. Installing roofs in your garden is a complex and challenging task so if you don’t have the experience and expertise, it is best to let a roofing services Manchester company do it for you.

  1. Get a portable water tank – If you have a large garden and your garden hose cannot reach the far areas of your landscape, it is better to have a portable water tank than to buy a longer hose. The portable tank will allow you to water all your plants without having to deal with tangling hose.

Gardening should not be a complex activity. Once you know the tips and tricks to a good gardening maintenance, you will not be able to help it but to enjoy it even more. Just a word caution: once you get hooked up in gardening, it will become a habit hard to break. Have fun gardening!