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How To Choose The Right Vacuum For Your Home

While most will simply pick up the first vacuum they see and hope for the best, this isn’t always the ideal choice if you want your vacuum to not only work, but to last too. While vacuum repair services London are usually available for that cleaner that you’ve invested time and money into, making sure you pick the right one from the offset can help you keep it up and running for longer. Here’s how you can choose the right vacuum for your home and lifestyle. If you need to buy vacuum for house cleaning then visit a reliable .

Cord Or No Cord?

By now, we’ll all have heard of the cordless vacuum cleaners that have been storming the industry as of late, but is this necessarily the best idea for everyone? There’s no denying that they can be easier, especially if you have a large home or kids running around, and they can make the entire vacuuming process much more seamless than their predecessors. However, cordless vacuum cleaners haven’t always had the best reviews as far as their cleaning capabilities are concerned. While most will do a fairly standard job, corded cleaners tend to have more power and are there when you need them without having to worry about charging them up. Only you know your priorities, so choose wisely!

Do You Need A High Capacity?

Whether you have a large home, particularly hairy pets or even children that tend to leave muck everywhere, a high capacity vacuum could be beneficial to save you the pain of having to empty the canister or replace the bag every single time you vacuum. For those with smaller homes that don’t require much vacuuming, you really don’t have to pay out for a hefty cleaner. A smaller, lower capacity model will do!

Brushes And Nozzles


The type of flooring you have in your home will ultimately determine the main design you’ll want in a vacuum. Nozzles are perfect for hard floors, small spaces or quick and simple pick up where the main head won’t quite cut it. Brushes are good for tough carpets or upholstery, though not every vacuum has this included as standard nowadays so it’s worth checking out the additional features when you shop.

What Type Do You Need?

There are plenty of words that float around when people talk about vacuum cleaners – Upright, cylinder, bagged, bagless – they’re all words that can leave the unknowing shopper quaking in their boots. However, it really is a simple thing to navigate. If you have plenty of stairs and hard to reach places, then a cylinder vacuum will be better to save you having to lug a tall cleaner up and down. Upright vacuums offer easy pushing for larger expanses of floor, but are likely to require a much larger space for storage. It’s all a matter of personal preference in most cases, which is the same for bagged or bagless vacuums too! There’s no difference in power between the two, so it’s all a matter of convenience and price.

What About A Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums are a relatively new addition to the world of cleaning, but they aren’t for everyone. They’ve certainly improved in performance over the years, but with a high price tag and an equally as high repair cost in some cases, it isn’t always worth the price. After all, robot vacuums can’t clean your stairs or most hard-to-reach areas, so you’ll still need to do some of the job for yourself – not always worth it when you consider the price! If you’re not home very often or have large expanses of floor, however, they could be a great way to keep on top of things between vacuuming, so the choice is yours!

Vacuum cleaners can come in all shapes, sizes, powers and types nowadays and navigating an increasingly crowded market can be difficult. However, working out what you need for your home can help you reduce the choices down to only those that will actually work and hopefully our guide has helped you do just that.