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List Of Do’s And Don’ts Of Finding Right Curtains For Home

There are hundreds of elements that make a home. A house is not about the bricks and walls but the little detailing and articles that you decorate it with. From furniture to kitchenettes, every small thing decides the appearance and vibe of the house. One such important element in all of our houses is curtains. No matter if you have a big space or a small apartment, the curtains are required everywhere. But sometimes it can awfully difficult to select the perfect curtains for your home. You can spend hours at the curtain store but end up on buying nothing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you go out to buy curtains:

The combination and purpose

This is the most important aspect to remember before getting new curtains for your home. You should have a clear vision about the kind of colour combination you want. For example, if the walls of the room are blue, then you might want the curtains to be of light shade as well. Also, if you can preferably decide that whether you need the curtains to block the sun or to just add an ambiance, then you could easily choose the perfect type and quality of the curtain as well.

Size matters

Whenever you are out there purchasing curtains make sure that you have the right measurements of your window with you. Ethically, the curtains should be double the width of the window or space where you want to hang them.  The curtains touching the floor can give the room or hall an elegant look, unlike the ones that are hung a few feet away from the floor. The best thing is to buy long and broad curtains and set them accordingly.

Combination of curtain and rods


The curtain rods are an important part of the curtain hardware. Now there are hundreds of different materials with which these rods are manufactured. You can choose the rods depending upon the type of the curtains. The best option is to go with the flexible ones. They can easily bear the curtain weight, in case if the fabric is heavy, and cope well when you slide your curtains. Similarly, you can rigid rods if the curtain is made of silk. But make sure that the rod has no harsh edges else it might tear the curtain out.


There is no need to bind yourself when you are out purchasing curtains. Since a perfect room should have all the perfect elements in it, you should explore the shops selling curtains. You might end up getting the perfect curtain in just right or even lower amount. Also, look online for curtain as people have less variety of stock at stores these days. So, e-commerce can be of big help. All you need to do is figure out the right measurements, the theme of the room and just shop for it.

If you give enough time to decide the kind of curtain and the details related to fabric and pattern, then you can easily make your room look like a palace.