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Make Your Living Room Cozy With These Furniture Pieces

The living room is where you go to unwind and watch your favorite TV shows or movies. It’s also the main space that your friends and family gather in after eating dinner. Because this room is so important, getting the right furniture pieces is key to having a comfortable living room where you can laugh and chat with house guests.


While you shop for living room furniture in Baton Rouge LA, consider how many people you typically expect to have in your home. If you’re going to host NFL game parties each week, you’ll want a big sofa and recliner, so everyone has a place to sit. If you only have guests over occasionally, consider going for a small-size sofa to conserve space. Here are a few tips to consider while you’re browsing for a new sofa:

  • Look at round-shaped sofas if you often have guests over, as the shape contributes toward socialization.
  • Leather sofas give the room a modern look and are easy to clean.
  • Sofas made with microfiber have a homey appearance and don’t get cold like leather does, however, they’re more difficult to clean.

Coffee Table

You’re going to need a place to hold snacks and beverages while you and your guests lounge on the sofa: that’s where the coffee table comes into place. For a rectangular-sized table, it’s recommended that the table length be approximately half of the sofa’s length. If you need additional space for storage, consider a table with drawers, so you can store the remote control or magazines. Use a mission-style coffee table, which is a table that features a lower shelf, to hold decorative items, books or other small items.


Are you an avid reader? If so, then this item is a necessity. With everything from modern to rustic-style bookshelves available, it’s easy to find a furniture piece that matches your existing decor. In addition to displaying your book collection as a conversation piece, you can use the bookshelf to hold family pictures or small figurines.

Media Center

Almost everyone has a TV in the living room, and you need a place to hold it. The type of media center that you need for your home depends on how serious you are about entertainment. If you have an avid DVD or Blu-ray collection and multiple game consoles, you’re going to need a large-size console with room to hold your electronics, games and movies. Make sure that the media center you choose isn’t too much bigger than your TV, or else the entertainment center may make your TV appear smaller. Conversely, it’s better to lean toward a media center that has slightly more drawers and shelves than you think you need, as your media collection is likely to grow over time.


Lastly, you’re going to need lamps to brighten up the room. Place small table lamps on your coffee table for task lighting. You can also position multiple table lamps throughout the room to give the area a bright, lively glow.