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What Is A Window Film?

If we keep it simple window film is a combined piece of laminate that is made with thin material like polyester. Generally such films are installed in inner windows of boats, cruises and homes. Such films work like a retrofit that allows enough light to enter in your room and keeps the room temperature appropriate simultaneously. There are some beautifully designed films available in the market that enhances the beauty of your home while protecting it from wind, heat and rain. 

How are the Window films manufactured?

There is a common material used in every film and that material is Polyethylene Terephthalate. Mostly a thin layer of this material is used in making such windows. Some people prefer having a coloured window in that case the layers of films used to have colours. Also, you could have a clear film for your own house if you wanna keep it simple. Apart from all these, there is a second coating involved in the manufacturing process and that second coating is most likely to be a metal coating that ensures high durability. 

Benefits of having window films

Such films serve a lot of purpose that you are maybe unaware about. Let’s make you a bit aware about this.

  • Some people install this film just because of its energy savings capacity. This works like an insulator for your home that keeps the home temperature accurate. It absorbs the extreme heat of summer that somehow reduces the cost of electricity bills.
  • A window film has an advanced feature of reducing the glare that somehow helps to calm your mind and provides enough comfort to your eyes.
  • It looks beautiful. Mostly such films are installed in interior windows but you can install it in an exterior window as well. Let’s do something exclusive. Why don’t you install this for an exterior window? This really looks beautiful over an exterior window as well.
  • It promises high durability and strong finishing that prevents any kind of scratches.
  • This film adds some more security to your home. But to have that benefit you must have installed it by the help of professionals.
  • It lets the natural light into your room. The daylight reflecting feature of this film has kept your room lightened without being heated.

How much does it cost?

If you are planning to have such films for your home you have to bear primarily two kinds of charges. One is the cost of film that absolutely depends on the materials used and another is the installation charge that you have to pay to the professional installers. You can assume the installation charge is near $7-$9 per square foot though the cost can vary in terms of warranty policies and other conditions.