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Why Do You Need To Install Plantation Shutters?

You cannot perceive a house without a window. As an inseparable part; it too requires as much consideration as the rest of the house. Curtains, blinds or mini-blinds are the common choices that most of us adopt as choices for window treatment. But recently, plantation shutters are emerging as a more preferred choice than the usual norm. Let’s look at a few compelling reasons about why you need them over traditional window treatments.


No matter which part of the house we look into or what things we install; aesthetics form an important part of it. We only take to those things that increase the beauty and curb appeal of the house. Available in a plethora of designs, sizes, finishes, mounting options and colours; you just cannot go wrong with plantation shutters. Their clean lines can blend with any décor and add an extra oomph factor to it.

Energy savings

Being excellent insulators; plantation shutters are excellent in deflecting the sunlight during summers to keep your house cool. If you install mechanical shutters, they can open up automatically and allow sun warmth to enter your house to cut the edge of coldness. They can do this efficiently as they are customised to fit the unique measurements of any window. This leads to overall reduced energy bills for your home.


A highlight feature of Australian Plantation Shutters is that they can be easily adjusted to let the light in but still keep all prying eyes out. This facilitates plenty of light without compromising on your privacy. They can easily be angled such that you can see out without anybody able to peep in.


Apart from giving you maximum privacy and sunlight regulated to your needs; plantation shutters facilitate air flow which can be adjusted by you for maximum ventilation. Open windows compromise on your privacy while blinds tend to make a rattling noise due to the air flow. But with their easy adjustability and inherent characteristic; plantation shutters pose no such problem.

Low Maintenance

A major pleasing aspect of plantation shutters is their low maintenance. They are extremely easy to clean. You just need to wipe them with a damp cloth and all its dust, grime and dirt get removed. They have a larger surface area than mini-blinds which increases the ease of cleaning. Moreover, you do not need to take them down to clean like in another type of window treatments. They can almost be called maintenance-free.


Plantation shutters are built to last. Most of them come with a warranty. They never go out of style and they look fresh for years which means that you need not change them every few years. Thus, even though they may seem like a trifle expensive initially; they pay off handsomely and prove more cost-effective than curtains or mini-blinds which need replacement at some point in time.

Plantation shutters are also child-safe. Because of their insulating properties; they help extend the life-span and rich look of your furniture and carpets. They can even be used as room dividers or even in cabinets. Given its advantages; you will always find a compelling reason to install them in your house.