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Why You Should Upgrade Your Home Switchboards Periodically?

As per the opinions of leading electrical services providers, both medium and low voltage controlling switchboards plays a critical role when it comes to the safety and overall efficiency of an electrical system.

Providers of electrical services Perth often get calls from both commercial as well as residential addresses as both the categories of buildings heavily relies on electrical switchboards. The role of a switchboard is to efficiently distribute electricity to electrical appliances. In case a building is operating without a properly constructed or maintained switchboard, chances are really high for the same to experience power failures.

With that information in mind, it is best to acknowledge the fact that although the equipment plays a vital role, homeowners, as well as commercial property owners, often fail to make arrangements for maintaining the switchboard. The ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude won’t do you much good here as a deteriorating switchboard could also be the reason why you are handed over such a huge utility bill this month.

What are the benefits of periodically maintaining your home’s switchboards?

Electrical switchboards overtime deteriorate and there are several contributing factors that can accelerate the rate. On top of that, if an electrical switchboard is handling the electrical distribution processes of commercial property, chances are high that the same might deteriorate more quickly when compared to switchboards installed in residential properties.

There are several benefits of periodically maintaining switchboards installed in your property. Let us take a look at some of them:

  • A regularly maintained switchboard will never fail and subject your property to dangerous conditions like short circuits, electrical fires, explosions and arcing.
  • A regularly maintained electrical switchboard evenly distributes electricity to all outlets and subsequently all electronic devices in your property.
  • Keep equipment failure and unannounced power outages at bay with regular maintenance of switchboards.

Why you should consider calling in the professionals when it comes to switchboard maintenance?

You might feel tempted to save on some cash and do the maintenance work by yourself but bear this in mind that a professional electrical contractor will carry out certain preventative maintenance procedures that you don’t know. The preventative maintenance processes are:

  • Professional electrical contractors will make sure that all fasteners of the switchboard are sitting tightly in their place
  • They clean the internal structure of the switchboard so that accumulated dust, pests and moisture is removed
  • They thoroughly check the overall conditions of the insulation on the wires coming in and out of the switchboard. If any of them show signs of damage, the same will be replaced immediately
  • They conduct a thorough inspection of the circuit breakers and make sure that they are working as they should

Switchboards play an important role when it is a matter of keeping your property safe from electrical surges and voltage fluctuations. With that information in mind, it should be remembered that switchboards are subjected to deterioration and operational wear which is why, if you are serious about the safety of your property, it is best that you call in the professionals periodically to get the switchboard and the overall electrical system checked. Electrical services Perth are of the opinion that one must call in the professionals every six months.