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5 Home Improvement Ideas After Surgery

Your loved one just came from a surgery. To make life pretty convenient, you plan to make some home improvement. This home renovation will also cater to the needs of your family member who needs to recover from such a medical operation.

With your loved ones’ comfort in mind, enumerated here are home improvement ideas you may want to consider.

A Room by the Ground Floor

If your house has several levels, it is prudent to let family members recovering from a surgery stay at the comforts of a room by the first floor. A place by the ground floor will help them move with ease without worrying about stairs. Make sure as well that everything is within easy reach on the same level or within the room they will spend most of their time. It will also be convenient if there is a bathroom or a portable commode within the room.  

If you do not have a budget or space for another room, you may consider converting a stock room into a temporary bedroom. You may also look into the area below the stairs as a possible makeshift bedroom. Just install blinds, curtains or put a divider. There are many dividers available in the market that are both stylish and functional.

Invest in a Bidet

Kohler Toilet Seats help individuals who are recovering from surgery to clean themselves hands-free. Cleaning their backside becomes an easy task and manageable. Having a bidet likewise boosts their self-confidence because they do not require aid or any assistance while using the toilet.

With a bidet, too, the potential of bacterial spread is minimized because they need not require to use their hands to wash their behind. They can always step out of the toilet feeling clean and fresh.

There are bidets with a heated seat and warm water. Such kind of seat gives additional comfort and relief to recovering patients.  

Install Handrail

A handrail by the toilet is a necessary bathroom upgrade as well. A bar helps recovering patients from using the bathroom with ease, knowing that they have something to hold on.  

It is also advisable that there will be handrails beside the bed to help newly operated individuals stand up quickly and comfortably.  

Convert Stairs into Easy Ramp

For a house with about a few steps only, it is a welcome change if you convert it into an accessible ramp. That way, individuals with physical limitations will not find it hard to climb the steps. An accessible ramp may also accommodate wheelchairs.

You can also remodel the entrance of your patients’ bathroom and prefer to have a smooth ramp instead. A ramp will allow them to quickly go inside and do their morning ritual even in a wheelchair.

Tidy Tripping Hazards

If you have plans to remove those loose cords and wires from places family members usually walk through, then now is the perfect timing.  Have an electrician fix all loose cables. If you do not have a budget for an electrician, just run electric cords behind the wall. Cut a hole in the drywall behind your television and radio and an another one behind the entertainment center. Pull all the cables through easy mount plates and tighten them to the wall.  

If you have any uneven flooring in doorways, fix it as soon as possible. The best way to solve that without calling the help of a carpenter is using a self-leveling compound. This compound works best on either a concrete slab or wood subfloor. You just need to mix the self-leveling compound with water to create a thick paste and spread it out on the area with uneven flooring.  

Another way to avoid tripping by the house is installing good lighting in doorways and hallways. A well-lit place makes one walk with ease and confidence.  

Home Improvements After Surgery

The best you can do for family members who underwent surgery is to make their lives comfortable. You may follow these home improvement ideas to help your loved one recover from their health operation fast and easy.