5 Small Home Decoration Ideas With Big Results

Home Decoration

You want a new look to your home but don’t have the time or money to invest in big changes? You don’t need to worry. A great thing about home decoration is how even very small and simple changes can give you big unexpected results. 

With these 5 simple ideas, you too can change the entire look of your home or living space.  

Add An Accent Wall  

Tired of the same old white walls, day-in and day-out? What you can do for a simple yet elegant solution is to add an accent wall. Use a colour to compliment the colours already present in a room. This can make an accent wall the centre of attention and a showpiece of its own.  

Its a surprisingly simple to do but has such a huge impact if done right.  

Show a Collection  

Always thought your great aunt’s silverware was a bit too unusual to eat on? Why not hang it on a wall or put it in a display case instead? Unusual and eclectic collections can make for great ornamental showpieces.  

It can be anything from a silverware set to Panama hats. Try to match the surrounding colours with that of the collection in order to avoid horribly clashing colours contrasting together in tight spaces.  

Add Plants  

You don’t need to be a gardener to realise that even a few distinct looking plants can add so much to a home. Plants with unusual colourations or leaf shapes are great choices but common plants with uniquely designed pots also work well to elevate a home.  

You don’t need to go all out either. A few plants placed at the centre points of your house will do more than a hundred strewn all about the place. Unless that is the look you’re going for.  

Use Symmetry

Human eyes are drawn to patterns and symmetry. Using a symmetrical arrangement in your house brings in attention from the eyes while creating a visually striking ensemble in your home. Arranging your furniture in a symmetrical manner around a visual centre piece can create almost its own microcosm of style.  

Create Visual Breaks

Break up the monotony of the house by adding pieces that break the line of sight. Accents like dividers, drapes and art fixtures work wonderfully for this purpose. Not only the accents themselves are visually striking, but by breaking up the vision they create this sense of depth and complexity.  

Similarly removing visual break can also add to your home looking grander and simpler as well.  

Last Words  

Home decoration ideas don’t all need to be just relegated to your Pinterest boards. A few simple ideas, executed with thought can do so much for changing or elevating the style of your home.  You may also decorated with famous canvas prints form Canvas Art Direct and popular collection like watercolor