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Best Luxurious Shower Heads To Add Up In Your Bathroom

To talk about the luxury items in a washroom the first thing that comes up in mind is a bathtub whereas that day are gone where it ended up to the bathtub, nowadays we have shower heads that are in enlisted in the luxurious accessory of the bathroom. While the shower head which suits one the most doesn’t mean that it will be equally pleasant to other. Thereby a wide range of luxurious and splendid shower heads are available in the market.  You can choose according to your requirements and have a great shower time.


There are a lot of things that should be kept in mind before getting a shower head for yourself.

  • PRICE:- when we talk about luxury it ends up being expensive. But its absolutely wrong to think that expensive means a great product. Price hiked model does not guarantee a great showering experience. Thereby price should never be a concern instead of a good buy by means of your requirement is essential.
  • WATER EFFICIENCY:- Many of us have a misconception of great shower results using a lot of water but recent technology has given rise to a various model which uses minimum water but give you the same experience.
  • INSTALLATION COST:- A lot of shower heads are easy to install. All you need is unscrewing the head and get it replaced by a new one.


There are splendid shower heads which can fit your need among which the best 4 are discussed below.

  1. Delta Universal Showering Components 2 GMP Shower Head With H2oKinetic Technology:- This shower is characterized by a great warm drenching coverage due to its denser water pattern and large water droplets which retain warmth for a longer period of time resulting in a soothing feeling. It comprises a handle which let you do your task in an easy handy way.


  • It has a diverter which allows you to use both the shower head and hand shower at a time.
  • Water is emitted by means of the H2o Kinetic Technology that allows minimum wastage of water.
  1. Moen Velocity Premium Showerhead With Immersion:- The model has got a sleek and a contemporary touch which gives your bathroom sense of authentication. above all the model has highly defined finishing touches which give a real fashion statement of your bathroom.


  • It has an optimum spray due to its special self- pressurizing features.
  • Too easy to install.
  1. Raindance All-rounder Air Shower  Head By Hansgrohe:- The model has got an authentic German touch. A way too stylish in look.


  • It is wall mounted and has a flexible techniflex hose for your comfort of using.
  • It emits water in three rain modes, i.e. WhirlAir, RainAir, and BalanceAir
  1. Axor  Starck Hand Shower With Wall Outlet And Holder:-  This model is a great option for those who prefer a timeless and a classy look. Its simples designs seem to adorn the bathroom.


  • Have a 2- spray functionality.
  • Comprises both wall outlet as well as the holder.

To conclude, there is a wide range of luxurious shower heads which are excellent in functions as well as sleek and impressive in look thereby giving your bathroom a contemporary, modern or timeless look. here best four are discussed with their best features. Make sure you go through the entire characteristics of the shower heads and choose accordingly and go through the full report and make a great buy.