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Buy Top Quality Furniture At Value For Money Prices In USA!

When it comes to buying casual and occasional furniture for your home, you will find that there are a few companies that provide you with top quality furniture at cost-effective prices. These companies ensure that you get value for money so that whenever you have the need for buying furniture, you will always opt on them for the first choice. One such company is The Steve Silver Company in the USA and today it is one of the first choices when it comes to the purchase of furniture at cost effective prices.

A Company that cares

Steve Silvers is the owner of the Company and he says that his staff is customer driven and quality oriented. The Company began as sole proprietorship in 1983 and since then there has been no looking back. The experts here started to sell imported goods at the local flea markets and gradually went into the field of furniture. The Company expanded ever since. The Company now has expanded drastically to become an international leader when it comes to dining and furniture. It has its distribution warehouse in Texas, Dallas. The Company also focuses on overseas operations and it has a stringent quality control process for customer satisfaction and loyalty. There are 5 offices in Asia today with over 60 employees working.

High quality furniture at value for money prices

The Company today has the sole objective of providing high quality furniture at value for money prices. When it comes to customer service, the name is a leader and it has over 7000 spare parts made for instant delivery. The Steve Silver Company has also been the recipient of a number of awards. The notable one is the prestigious Excellence in Ownership Award for its unique innovative process. In 2014, the Company became an ESOP owned company- Employee Owned Company that is today ranked on the top slot by The National Center For Employees Ownership or the NCEO.

Understanding the needs and demands of customers, suppliers and employees…

The mission and the objective of the Steve Silver Company today is to provide a comprehensive and unique platform for its growing base of suppliers, customers and employees. Mr. Silvers says that when it comes to the progress and development of any company, they are the key people to focus on. They provide the company the success and the expansion it deserves. This is why all the staff here are trained to deliver the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. It is here that the company has earned a goodwill in the market. Its name invokes trust and quality when it comes to casual dining and the purchase of occasional furniture for your home.

Steve Silvers says that when it comes to customer satisfaction and service, the staff never makes any compromises. For them their customers should be happy and content. The staff here go the extra mile to assist the customer and give them top quality furniture at prices that are cost-effective and not too hard on the earning pocket!