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6 Modern Kitchen Counter Top Options

Apart from cabinetry and flooring, your kitchen counter tops are one the most viewed and initially noticed aspects of the space. Custom kitchen designs can implement nearly any counter top materials, size and shape. When considering what counter top material is best for your kitchen the overarching kitchen design style can influence he options available.

In regards to a modern kitchen design, there are still a number of island or counter top material options. Many modern kitchen designs implement the counter top material into the back splash of the space thus allowing this material to have a larger presence in the overall design. These are six great modern kitchen counter top material options.

Paper Composite 

Paper composite counter top materials have become increasingly popular in recent years. These materials are made from recycled paper fibers and resin materials that together provide a stain and heat resistant, matte finish. This material is ideal for suiting the sleek and clean design of modem kitchens. The material does not offer immense ornamentation, is made from natural materials a helps promote a ÒgreenerÓ household.

Lava Stone 

Lava stone is a natural stone material that is quite a rare and specialty item in Albertan households. This counter top stone is more commonly found in European homes. The stone is extremely durable to scratches and heat as well as can be manufactured in a number of colors to suit a range of modern kitchen design palettes. This volcanic stone can be a costly and somewhat hard to find locally, though offers several great advantages.


Soapstone has been a common material used in modern kitchen counter tops for years. This material offers beautiful and soft, matte grey appearance that improves by growing richer and darker with age. Soapstone is quite durable though can be vulnerable to scrapes and dents from sharp cutlery, rough ceramics or heavy impacts. Soapstone offers a simple and clean design that goes well with sleek and often bright, modern kitchen interiors.


The use of industrial elements is a common design element of a truly modern kitchen space. Concrete counter tops support an industrial influence while offering a smooth and sleek finish that lacks ornamentation. Concrete offers a somewhat worn look, which can be an effective way to balance a very crisp kitchen design. Concrete materials can be prone to staining and chips, though maintenance and warranty packages can often be available.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the leading choice for modern kitchen counter top materials in regards to functionality and hygiene. The material is easy to clean and extremely durable when well maintained. Stainless seal counter tops are often referred to as the Òchefs choiceÓ, as they are ideal for heavily cooking focussed kitchen spaces. Stainless steel also develops a ÒpatinaÓ, which is glowing natural polish that the material emits after years of polish and use.


One common counter top material option that aligns with the natural beauty and simple ornamentation found in a modern kitchen design is marble. Marble is a gorgeous material that offers a range of soft natural hues and veins that showcase mild aspects of natural design ornamentation. Similar to other organic materials like soapstone and lava stone, no two slabs of marble are the same. This ensures that homeowners receive a truly custom counter top piece. Marble is also very resistant to heat, which is ideal for standing up to pans and pots fresh of the stove top.