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Easy Care And Maintenance Tips For Artificial Grass

The popularity of artificial or synthetic grass is increasing day by day, due to its various favourable qualities. It is true that artificial grass does not need much care; however regular maintenance using some simple methods is essential to keep it looking natural and enhance its longevity. Mentioned below are some easy tips you can follow to take care of your artificial lawn.

To begin with, make sure you buy the right equipment for the proper maintenance of your synthetic grass. That’s why many property owners prefer to approach artificial grass Surrey for making this type of small plant in their home gardens. Just like a natural lawn, artificial lawn needs regular cleaning and this becomes possible when you have the right tools, such as rake, hose and leaf blower. Using these equipments will not only make the task of maintenance easier but will also give you good results without much effort.

Artificial lawns need most care during the initial period after installation. Seeing excess sand on the grass is common and it can be removed with the help of light sweep. Doing this will not only help to get rid of any extra sand, but will also make it easier for the sand to make its way underneath the infill, thus resulting in a properly set lawn.

Just like regular lawn, dirt, dust and debris can get stuck in the synthetic grass as well, giving it an unsightly appearance. Therefore, cleaning the lawn on regular basis is recommended to keep it clean. Using a sweeper or leaf blower can help to remove debris, dirt and fallen leaves easily. Another good option is to use water to wash away any debris, which are difficult to remove with sweep. Using water hose proves to be a great method for removing accumulated dirt and dust naturally and without causing any harm to the surface.

Stains, if not removed immediately, can make the grass appear patchy. The good news is that most of the quality artificial or synthetic grass you buy these days is stain resistant, which means it does not get damaged by stains easily. However, if you see something spilt on the grass, then it should be removed as soon as possible using a mix of hot water and washing liquid. One thing worth remembering is to avoid the use of any harsh chemicals or washers as they can have an adverse impact on the appearance and durability of the turf.

Weeds can grow in the synthetic grass over time and should be removed often to avoid them from spoiling the beauty of your lawn. However, the use of weed killers or strong chemicals must be avoided. Although they might make your job of weed removal easier, their long term use can degrade the quality of the grass. That is why it is recommended to approach this process with care and remove the weeds using your hands.

Installing artificial grass lets you enjoy the mesmerising views of lush gardens throughout the year, without allowing changing weather have any significant impact on its appearance. Follow the above mentioned tips to keep your investment safe and enhance the beauty of your artificial lawn for a long time to come.