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Easy Home Decoration Tips to Spice up Blank Walls

Home is the reflection of one’s own self. The place where one lives reflects his/her thoughts and beliefs. There were times when personalization was limited and people found it hard to express themselves through their homes. But, with the onus now shifting towards increased personalization, home decoration has become a wild craze.

Here are some easy home decoration tips that will completely transform the way your boring blank wall looks!

  1. Wall Decals

One of the simplest ways to create personalization is by using wall decals. These stickers reflect your thoughts and they go well with all kinds of walls. The fun part is that you can add a new style to every room. Wall decals are cheap when purchased online; use fabfurnish coupons from to get additional cashback.

  1. Wall Art

An attractive and wonderful way to make your empty wall look gorgeous is by simply adding a wall art to it. Available on all online décor stores, wall art works wonders by complementing the wall and adding an extra spice to it. Go for the light weight, high quality types when purchasing a wall art. This will jazz up your plain wall.

  1. Decorative Mirrors

It is so amazing how small decorative mirrors can change the entire look of a wall. They come in the form of stickers and are easy to fix. Go for designs that you find appealing and that give your room an exquisite look. Acrylic decorative mirrors are light weight and will be ideal for all kinds of walls.

  1. Wall Papers

The more traditional or usual way of decorating a boring wall is by wrapping it with wall papers. Available in different sizes and designs, these decorative papers completely transform the interior look of your home. Go for papers that are highly durable and stain-resistant. They will add oodles of style to any room.

  1. Paintings

Paintings can revive the lost charm of your old wall by adding more graphic and more meaning to it. You can do wall paintings yourself or pick them up from an online store. There are some eye-catching oil on canvas paintings available on pepperfry which can suit just about any wall in the house. You can get them for a very affordable price using pepperfry coupons available on – with added cashback.

  1. Wall Accents

If you are looking for an attractive way to add flavor to your old wall, then it is wall accent that you must invest in. These engraved wall hangings are a delight to have in your home. They go with any type of wall and give your room that oomph factor you are looking for. Available on pepperfry, you can buy them for a very affordable price.

  1. Photo Frames

The charm that a collection of framed photos can add to a plain wall is just awesome. A collection of your framed family photos will be as effective as any wall decal or wall painting that you may use. Now you can re-live those special memories in beautiful photo frames right in front of you. They look the best when put up in a living room.