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Engineered Flooring – The Future Is Here

For centuries, home owners have relished timber flooring, and let’s face it, there is little to beat the alluring grain and deep colour of real timber, and aside from not being very eco-friendly, hardwood flooring is very expensive. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue, in the form of engineered flooring, and with the stunning appearance of real timber, you have the desired look at a fraction of the price.

Classic Timber Ranges

We all love the look of traditional wide planked oak, and if you are looking for oak flooring in Perth, for example, there are established online suppliers who can install the perfect flooring, and with a 25 year warranty, you have the beauty of timber and the extreme durability of composites, all at an incredibly low price. Other popular Australian timbers are also represented, and the multi-layered composite material can easily be laid, either with or without backing.

Professional Profile

People often wonder exactly how the manufacturers managed to make a laminated floor plank look identical to a timber one, and the answer is simple, it is a high resolution image of that particular wood at its finest, and this image is printed on a fine layer and inserted between layers of laminate, to give the look and the feel of real timber planking. The range of timbers is extensive and each looks exactly as the real thing would, giving your home a look and feel of real warmth.

Maintenance Free

As if the extremely low prices aren’t incentive enough, engineered flooring is very affordable, which is why it has become so popular, especially in Australia, where traditional timber flooring is embedded in the culture. Once the flooring is in position, the supplier would be so confident of the product’s durability, they might offer a 25-year warranty, and anyone who does that, must have a suitable product. In the past, people accepted that the regular maintenance was the price one paid for such a beautiful floor, yet today, we can say goodbye to that time consuming and costly varnish treatments.

Professional Installation

Laminated flooring might be very durable, but it must be laid correctly, and the beauty of the composite flooring, is it can be laid with or without backing, and can even be stuck to the floor if requested. An established supplier would survey the property and give you a comprehensive quote for your chosen product, and with no hidden extras, you’ll be pleased to know that engineered flooring is affordable for all.

Extreme Durability

One of the issues with real timber has always been the movement you get with extreme temperatures, yet laminated flooring can withstand anything that Mother Nature can conjure up, and it is guaranteed not to fade, crack or split, and if installed correctly, the company would be happy to issue a 25-year warranty of the product.

Engineered flooring planks are easy to lay and extremely durable, and at such a low price, it is easy to see why millions of Australians are walking on engineered floors.