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How To Get Rid Of Cat Odor?

Cats are adorable little beings that fill your life with so much joy and happiness. However, the problem arises when your bundle of joy decides to pee outside the litter box. Cats have a habit of marking their territory using their pee and thus, it is usual for them to pee in the hidden corners of the house. The smell is so strong that spreads in the house and is difficult to hide. The odor has to be masked to prevent embarrassment in front of the guests and to stop the cat from repeating the offense. The following are the top four ways to get rid of the obnoxious cat urine odor.

Clean up as much urine as you can

The more urine you can clean up the less is the need for you to go for a deep clean. When you see cat urine on furniture and carpet, you can use an absorbent paper towel to blot the area. This will not remove all the urine, but there will be less of it left for cleaning later. Dry clean the clothing or linen if the cat has urinated there.

Use an enzymatic cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are a huge help when you want to remove cat urine smell. These cleaners release a kind of microorganisms that feed on the urine. Thus, it removes the odor, and the place is left smelling fresh again. You will easily find such cleaners in pet stores, and the instructions on the bottle will guide you about the usage.

Extract the urine using the wet vacuum


There are extracting carpet vacuums that discharge clean water into the area and suck in the dirty water back. If the urine is on your precious carpet, then this can be a sure shot way to clean up the area. Use clean and cool water in your wet vacuum to get the best results. Remember to avoid steam cleaners as they make the odor set on to the fibers.

The final clean up with air freshener

The last step of removing the odor is using an air freshener that has baking soda in it. One of the prime substances used in the baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. This is great at the absorption of odors. After you have cleaned the spot thoroughly, let the area dry and then spray the air freshener. Vacuum the area one last time after spraying the air freshener. The cat urine odor will be gone for good after this.

The more the cat urinates in your home, the more difficult the removal of odor is going to be. So, the best solution to the problem will be to retrain the cat to use the litter box. If she continues to mark a particular area, try spreading absorbent mats in the area. Also, make sure that your cat is not suffering from any bladder problems that are leading to this kind of acts. Get the cat checked from a vet to be sure of her health.