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How To Properly Prepare For Successful Concrete Floor Coating Installation

One of the essential elements to achieve ideal results in a concrete floor is the proper preparation of Epoxy Flooring concrete surfaces. This may seem basic, but it is surprising how many subcontractors do not really follow protocols that optimize results and customer satisfaction.

It is not just the preparation phase that makes the difference. There are good points on the way to making a big difference in the outcome. The following steps should be followed to achieve optimum results:

  • Specify card type – All concrete floors are not identical. Is existing concrete soft, medium or hard? Understand what is happening on the ground for all of the following.
  • Choose the right slip method – The two main strategies are as follows: Shot Blasting Test – Most traders use archery as it is cheaper to go. But shooting is often too aggressive in a strategy and is generally more suitable for recharging than for applying a thin film. Shooting takes place only for concrete and can create stress fractures on the floor. No matter how careful, it also creates ditches and valleys, high spots and weak spots. In the case of coatings such as urethane and epoxy floor coating contractors, diamond grinding is generally a better strategy. Diamond Grinding is a preferred method of preparation for various reasons. Many entrepreneurs do not because it requires more time, money and skills. But the most important part is to do the coating bonding on the open floor, and diamond grinding is the best way to carefully open the concrete holes without damaging the concrete. It also provides the finest and most complete finish, giving the best and longest result. The precision tool for a factory plant also allows trained technicians to choose the exact cause of a particular floor, which reduces damage or crushing against the concrete base.
  • Hand Grind All Edges – Most entrepreneurs do not disturb this detail. They saw that their industrial wheels were becoming “fairly close”. But hand washing does not exceed the last few centimeters, there is no guarantee that the coating is firmly on the concrete side … and this can be a shady result.
  • Clean thoroughly – When milling is complete, the floor must be thoroughly dried and vacuumed – all along the edges – so that there is no residue that could interfere with the complete bonding.
  • Coat- Apply the first coat of coating, as an Epoxy Flooring primer specially developed for insertion and sealing in concrete. Generally, 3-5 ml thick.
  • Second coat – Apply an epoxy coating, usually 8 to 10 mils thick.
  • Grinding – For optimal sealing, chemical and mechanical bonding is perfect. Therefore, Liquid Floor Systems chooses to send this layer of epoxy, but do not hinder all this extra step. Do you really need it? Maybe not. Is it the best and the longest result? Absolutely!

Finish completely after sanding

Apply the Urethane top coat. The most important characteristic of this final step is to roll the urethane in the “recovery window” for a complete bond between epoxy and urethane. If each of these steps is carried out by a staff specializing in epoxy floor coating contractors, an epoxy resin with a urethane seal is one of the most beautiful, longest and most profitable floors available.