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Unexpected Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know

Making Life Simple – Cleaning, Organizing And Home Management Tips

Home ownership is nearly everyone’s dream but few of us ever consider the time, money and energy needed to keep these homes clean and organized. Those who stay at home know well enough that organization is the key to peaceful living and is therefore an essential aspect that the entire household must observe. If you have been facing clutter every time you walk home from work, it is most probably a result of poor organization.

No matter how much you do your laundry, clean the dishes or mop the floors your efforts will not be noticeable if the room is choke full of clutter. Unfortunately few people know how to organize their spaces to avoid clutter but thankfully; we have useful tips on how to do just that:


Arm yourself with boxes and a trash bag before you start tackling the entire house room by room. Label the boxes to indicate what items you want to give away and what you must keep. This way you can go through the clutter with ease as you toss items into the right box or trash those that you no longer need.


Once you’ve thrown out what you do not need and decided on what to keep, it is time to organize those items as you would like. If you are short on closet space for clothes, try using dividers on shelves so that t-shirts don’t mix with shorts and you have to fuss every time you are looking for something to wear. Small items like toys should be carefully stored in a labelled box that is easily accessible.

Organize Some More

To avoid unnecessary disorganization in a room try putting items that are constantly used closer and those that are rarely used further away. Do not stack too many clothes, books or toys together as that will only make it harder to extract what you need.


In the kitchen you need to organize food, utensils and other utilities not only to make the space more attractive but also to reduce accidents. Keep gangways clear and sharp objects away from children. Racks, hooks and shelves provide easy, accessible places to store utensils but for food you might need special containers.


Thankfully storage items to help you declutter are easily available and do not cost much. You can buy some plastic containers or racks at the home store to make organization a breeze. As a homeowner you need to remember that organization eases cleanup which in turn makes home management an enjoyable daily task.

This time of year is perfect for one off deep cleaning as well!