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Measured Building Surveys: All You Need To Know

An analytical and detailed survey of any building helps identify the flaws in the structure, which can prove costly in the future. In this survey, the experts get the 3D blueprint of the building using different pieces of equipment like laser scanners. When the reports are ready, they use this information to make the project a success.

It is vital to know the details, whether you require these measured building surveys for a residential building or a commercial site. Let us dive deeper and discuss this survey technique in detail.

What Is A Measured Survey?

This survey presents the interior and exterior structural details of the building. The reports generated can be two dimensional or three dimensional, depending upon the requirement. Generated reports help in decision making during the refurbishment of the buildings, redevelopment, lease planning and a lot more. However, for a fruitful survey, the final report needs to be accurate. Furthermore, you will need expert technicians for the analysis.

Details You Must Know.

There are different aspects of the building survey that one must know before hiring experts for the process. These are details are:

Report Inclusions

The reports of measured surveys of buildings, land and other utilities include the following details:

  • The internal floor plan to understand any expensive mistakes.
  • Both internal and external elevations
  • Section drawings to plan refurbishments and redevelopment process.

These reports are available in 2D and 3D formats, which you can get as per your requirements.

Price Details

The price or budget of the measured building surveys depends upon different factors, these factors are:

  • Size of the building where the survey will get carried out.
  • Site or location where the survey site is.
  • Challenges that one can face while doing the survey.
  • Company or the expert that you hire. Different companies have varied rates for providing survey reports. You can do thorough research and find the company that does it under your budget. However, you should ensure that the quality never gets compromised with the cost.

Now that you are aware of all the details of the measured survey of any building, understand that you need expert help in this. You would need efficient pieces of equipment and a person proficient in reading and analyzing the reports. It is only after a fair analysis that you can decide the material, technique to follow, and preventive measures to take for successful construction.