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Seven Steps Of Property Development System

Every person desires growth in every sector of life, there are those with great dreams of upgrading the conditions of their property while others want to settle into new property however small after their retirement and make an earning out of it. Criteria for developing the property is of great significance to them.

There are several steps that are a key to a successful property development system. They are as follows:

Finding a site

There are various sources to this property search like real estate websites or even in the newspaper, the real estate these sites, you find properties easy to divide up or those that are more built than what’s in the current property while others will have the value added.

Feasibility and site analysis

This is sometimes critical because the researcher searches the profitability accessibility of the site which is also sometimes expensive with the professionals. Architects are more perfect sources when it comes to cost determination and their constitution for new buildings. Sale price is also of great consideration to avoid property infeasibility.

Planning authorization

Planning permission is only needed in case the property lacks an approval in its advertisement and it’s available. Professionals in this also will be of great value especially the property developers or the property developing company that offer project management.

Finance considerations

When undertaking all these steps, one always lingers with the mind of capital which definitely attracts the concept of hiring loans to cater for the same. It’s of importance to understand that before any bank loan, the banks always consider the project’s profit margin which should be above 20%. Thus a good financial package is required before thinking of a bank loan.


Having a building approval helps the builder to start the building with ease and immediately. Once the construction is in progress, the builder requires the flow of funds for construction continuation. For monitoring of successful construction process, hiring a professional to oversee and honesty is of great need. For a large project a quantity surveyor will do better than just a profession and he saves many construction risks. They also help to create a depreciation schedule that helps sales to a great level.


Profitable transactions are a major reason or drive for these project development system. Dealing with people that are professionals in this property selling businesses yields to great profits. Promoters or the marketers also aid a lot in the increase of sales by selling the product to many customers since they have a database of customers for investments. However, this might be costly, considering pre-sales is of great help in creating fast sales.

For any new development, there are always challenges but one requires courage and readiness to adopt new changes for growth. By cooperating and utilizing the available resources, ideas and manpower are of great significance since it creates a background. For instance, there are modern Property Developers Company who provide excellent services and profits for an ideal project called the Leftwich developments.  They also help with in offering initial feasibility that offers knowledge on the cost and profits acquired in the various projects..