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The Best Suggestions On The Wall Mounted Folding Tables

If you are willing to choose the best kind of table to save more space in your living room or bed room, it is really better choice going with the wall mounted folding tables. There are several innovative models of the folding tables available to be mounted on your room’s wall. You can fold it out when it is not in use. The following are the top 3 models of the folding style wall mounted tables which you can select for your home or office requirements.


If you love white color, you can just go for this white wall mounted folding table which requires assembly. The users can fold it flat and it has an extraordinary space saving design in order to fit in your space. It is also too affordable in cost within your budget. Since this folding table contains the solid pine wood material construction, it will give you the maximum durability. It usually supports with the additional hinges in order to avoid any sagging in the future. As it is the multi-purpose table, it allows you to make use of the same space for the different type of purposes due to it is the folding table. You can use this folding table for computing, eating, reading, studying, drawing and also writing. It can be mounted on your room’s wall at any height according to your needs.

Wall mount laptop desk – brown mahogany:

This wall mount style folding table has the brown mahogany finish. It will have the writing surface about 24 ¾ inch width by 13 ½ inch depth. If you are choosing the large cubby table, it will have the measurement of 16 ½ inch width by 5 ½ inch depth by 13 ¾ inch height. The two medium cubbies of the same design will measure up to 3 ¾ inch width by 5 ¼ inch depth by 8 ¾ inch height each. There are two small cubbies available with the measurement of 3 ¾ inch width by 5 ¼ inch depth by 4 ¼ inch height each. Drawer usually measures 24 inch width by 5 inch depth by 3 ¼ inch height. It completely folds away in order to save more space and you can use it effectively as the laptop desk.

Southern Enterprises

It is the universal style, easy to use and fresh white colored floating desk which can be simply folded down when you are not using it. You can make use of this table for having the spacious writing and laptop usage. It includes 1 angled paper organizer, 4 compartments, 1 drawer and 1 corkboard along with the small space friendly stylish wall mounted profile. You can go to for additional information.