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The Many Domestic Uses Of Gas

There are many different domestic uses for gas bottles, which is why many people have a local gas bottle supplier that they regularly work with. If you’ve never used gas before or if you’ve only used a single product that makes use of bottled gas, you may be surprised to learn some of the many different ways you can make use of this fuel.

Indoor Heat

While modern homes do have central heating, some older homes may still rely on older systems. If you’re cold, you may also want to have a small heater pointed directly at you. An indoor gas heater can be the solution. These heaters are designed to be lightweight so you can move them, although once attached to the gas bottle they aren’t as easily portable. They also have adjustable settings and a high energy rating. They’re stylish, too, and will look great while keeping you nice and warm.

Outdoor Heat

Do you love entertaining outdoors and hate when you have to move the party inside due to the cold weather? If so, you may want to invest in an outdoor heater. Many of these heaters look similar to street lamps. The top part of the lamp contains the heating vent and it creates an area of warmth in a circle around it. The area it heats is a good size so you can keep plenty of guests warm without huddling together around the base of the lamp. Simply set one up in the centre of your patio and it will provide both heat and light.

Another great use for these lamp heaters is for outdoor celebrations. If you’re going to host your wedding outdoors and are afraid it may be a little chilly, you may want to look into renting several of these heaters so your guests don’t get cold.


Many gas suppliers also supply gas for those with a gas BBQ. Cooking on gas is different from cooking over charcoal, of course, but many people find that it provides a more even heat. They’re able to cook their meat to the same temperature across the entire BBQ so there’s no worry that any part of it is undercooked. It’s also easier to start a gas BBQ since all you have to do is turn a valve.


If you have a caravan that you tow behind your vehicle for camping or for travelling long distances, you will need gas. This gas bottle heats the water so you don’t have to take a freezing cold shower and powers the small cooktop. You’ll be able to prepare meals indoors instead of building a campfire. Always make sure your caravan’s gas bottle has enough fuel to get you through your trip before you leave.


Some people do weld as a hobby, not just as a career. These individuals may have all the tools and equipment needed to weld metal at home. If that’s the case, they also need to have a small gas bottle on hand to power their welding torches.