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What Things To Consider For Having The Best Wood Fired Hot Tubs?

Since the popularity of hot tubs is increasing with each day, it has become quite evident that people want to have one on a backyard deck, or the outside patio, or anywhere else convenient. Even though the electric hot tubs have solved a lot of problems, it is the wood-heated tubs that still have the limelight, be it on commercial terms or the domestic ones. 

Several hot tubs with wood firing mechanisms are now available in the market which is suitable for houses. But you can’t obviously buy every one of them, right? 

You need one choice which is the most difficult part of the entire purchase process. These tubs are costly and hence, no matter what your budget plan is, you cannot let the money go to waste by buying the wrong one. So, to help you avoid such circumstances, here, we have discussed some of the essential things that you should consider when you will be looking through the various wood fired hot tubs

Type of the wood

Undoubtedly, you have to work on the type of wood first. Several hardwoods and laminated woods are used for the manufacturing of the object. But, each one of them has got a set of pros and cons, which you should know before you take the big decision. Five different types of woods are basically used for the wooden tubs, namely- Thermowood, red cedar, oak, larch, and spruce. For choosing the wood, you need to consider the rotting of the material, the durability, weather-resistance, weight, economy, insulation, and other such properties.

Tub’s size 

The next thing to worry about is the size of the wooden tub. For considering the size, first, choose the location where you want to place it. Once done, consider the diameter of the tub, and the depth to check whether the chosen tub’s size can fit into the place you have chosen. Also, check the volume of the tub since that will tell you how many people can fit inside comfortably.

 Location of the heater

In the wood fired hot tubs, you will get two different kinds of heater options- external and internal. The internal heater will be located on the insides, with an outside port from where you will be inserting the woods. This kind of stove remains submerged in water and hence, it requires less fuel and time for heating the liquid. In the external heaters, you will have the stove outside. If you are buying such an arrangement, make sure the wood you are choosing for the tub’s core material has insulating properties.

Access to the hot tub 

The next thing you need to consider at the time of buying the wooden hot tub is the access. For getting inside the tub, there are four ways- ladders, stairs, high-raised deck platform, and climbers. Based on your convenience, the choice for access will vary. Also, it will depend on the cost because the deck arrangement is obviously quite costly as compared to the one with a ladder. 

The wooden hot tubs are quite beneficial, and far more efficient than the electric hot tub. However, you cannot choose a random piece and have it installed in your home. So, make sure that you are paying proper attention to this guide. You will never make a mistake and that’s for