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Why You Should Be Considering Lawn Aerating?

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is the dream of every homeowner and various lawn care procedures are available to achieve this goal. Apart from basic watering, mowing and fertilising, it requires extra care to ensure all the nutrients are able to reach under the grass and nourish the plants. This can be done with the help of lawn aerating procedure.

Lawn aeration is the procedure in which the soil is perforated by making small holes in it, in order to ensure better penetration of nutrients, water and air. This ensures healthy and deep growth of roots, in turn resulting in a vigorous and lush looking lawn.  This simple and easy process can do wonders for your garden by offering following benefits:

  • Due to extensive use the soil can become compact over the time, making it difficult for the roots to penetrate the soil and new plants to grow. This problem can be avoided with the help of lawn aeration as it can loosen the soil and reduce the level of compaction. It means the roots can go deep in the soil and result in healthy plant growth.
  • Another prime reason why lawn aeration is important for your lawn is the increased flow of air that it leads to. Soil requires access to air in order to ensure proper growth of plants and keep the growing plants in good condition.
  • The penetration of water also improves with the help of lawn aeration, which otherwise can become difficult. Due to compact soil water cannot seep into the ground properly and it restricts plant growth as well. This problem can aggravate in dry areas, requiring homeowners to water their lawns more often.
  • It is commonly seen that the ability of plants to benefits from nutrients also increases due to lawn aerating Fertilizers are soaked up better in the soil and benefit the plants in their proper growth. In the absence of timely aeration the fertilizers stay on the top layer of soil only, restricting the plants from availing their complete benefit.
  • Soil contains microorganisms of various kinds, which also play a key role in maintaining plant health. Plants thrive due to microbial activities, which is not possible in the absence of regular lawn aeration. As oxygen is required by these microorganisms for their survival, lawn aeration is important for the expansion of microorganism population.
  • Timely lawn aeration can avoid your plants from many types of diseases as well, which usually occur in the absence of proper flow of oxygen. On the other hand, when the lawn is aerated, the air is able to move freely and does not let the plants get exposed to different diseases.

The importance of lawn aerating, for the maintenance of a healthy and pleasant looking lawn, is clear from the points mentioned above. Various types of tools and equipment are available in the market these days to make this procedure easy for homeowners. So, it is advisable to invest in right tools for lawn aeration and give a vigorous and pleasing appearance to your lawn.