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  • Remains_of_a_burnt_letter_of_love

    Fan Mail: Dear Kent (Part 2)

    Our favorite cyber stalker is back! And this time it's THREE TIMES the fun awkwardness for Kent Farrington, Mclain Ward and Scott Brash. Brace yourselves for a love triangle with Suz at the center...  ... Continue Reading

  • Big Star Estoril 2014 9

    Big Star Out of WEG Contention (tear mark)

    In what may be the worse case of deja vu in recent history, Nick Skelton's famed mount Big Star is once again out of contention for a major competition. ... Continue Reading

  • I'm pretty sure Victor is smiling in this photo.

    Two Truths and One Lie with Tiffany Foster

    Today is Tiffany Foster’s birthday! HAPPY DAY! To celebrate the birth of Canada’s top ranked female athlete (she’s #44 on the Longines World Rankings!) we’re going to play the classic get-to-know-you parlor game: Two Truths And One Lie. ... Continue Reading

  • Damon_shocked

    Texts From Horse: Auto-Correct Fail Edition

    Auto-correct is ruining our relationship. For real. ... Continue Reading

  • Richard Spooner of USA riding Chivas

    Richard Spooner is the Master of Faster. And Faster.

    Richard Spooner (USA) beat a field of 55 to claim the top two spots in Saturday's $85,000 Talisman Energy Cup 1.50m at the Spruce Meadows Continental CSIO 5* Tournament. With Ireland hot on his heels. ... Continue Reading

  • Read

    Paul Halpern

    The Same 5 Questions

    Riders are people too. People with opinions. And ideas. And occasionally, mind blowing insights. Or not. Either way, you can read some of their musings here. This Week’s Featured Rider: Paul Halpern ... Continue Reading


    Lillie Keenan head

    5 Minute Clinic

    Expert training advice from leading, um, experts! Check in every week for a new exercise. ... Continue Reading


    Horse Walks Backward on the Hot Walker

    Video of the Week

    You have to appreciate a horse that marches to the beat of his own drum. Even if that drum happens to be beating backwards. On the hot walker... ... Continue Reading