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Following Some Easy Steps For Proper Drain Maintenance

Among all your household chores, drain maintenance comes in the priority list of jobs to do at regular intervals to ensure that hygienic conditions prevail in your drainage system and you have peace of mind in not to face any hassle in clearing clogged drains. Following these easy DIY steps, you can keep your drain well maintained.

  • First of all, get rid of the odors and stains, using vinegar and baking soda with hot water. Pour hot water down the drain, followed by dumping some baking soda on the sink and leaving it for a few minutes. Then pour down a mixture of hot water and vinegar on top of the baking soda, leaving it to sit for about 10 minutes. Flush again with hot water.
  • For doing away with greasy stains, use dish liquid detergent, pouring one to two tablespoons of the liquid directly into the drain. Follow up with pouring hot water little at a time to clean the deposit of grease.
  • Prepare lemon juice from 3 to 4 lemons, and gently pour down the drain, leaving it for one hour. Follow up by pouring hot water down the drain.
  • Using tools like plunger and barbed plastic strips can be very helpful. Use the plunger, fixing tightly over the mouth of the drain and plunging several times and cleaning with water after each plunge. Barbed plastic strips can also help when you stick this tool inside the drain and pull out, repeating the process several times.
  • You can also use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, fitting it tightly onto the mouth of the drain and covering the sides with cloth and ensuring that all openings of the drain are properly plugged. Use the blow mode, putting the power off and on in quick succession. This process will remove all clogs in the drain.
  • Bacterial or enzymatic drain cleaner can also help in doing away with slow drains. Pour 3 to 4 tablespoons of the liquid into the drain and leave it overnight.

For your drain maintenance, if you are engaging any service provider,have these points in mind to ensure that the work of cleaning the drain is carried out diligently. You may also fall victim to a scam, and so it is important to follow the approach of talking and other actions being taken by the service provider. Investigate into the evidence on the gravity of the problem caused due to clogging of the drain, and verify for yourself whether the cleaning staff is speaking the truth. Ensure that a video camera is being used to detect the areas of clogging inside the drain. If liners are being used, ensure that they are of good quality. Verify the profile of the service provider you are hiring, to be sure of their efficiency in drain maintenance

Whether you are maintaining your drain following DIY methods or by engaging any service provider, one thing you must ensure is that cleaning should be made at regular intervals to avoid any large build up inside the drain.